Thursday, January 31, 2008


This is from a Beijing Olympic game show that I happened to catch where many people
in animal costumes were racing running on spinning platforms collecting cheese and running from real bulls.

This is a piece of my neighborhood.

my place has small windows but lots of light and high ceilings!

I'm teaching at a 7day English camp for the winter break.
These are the kids pretending to be dead flies. Soon, I will
put an extremely cute movie on you tube.

Ana, this is the print from my cock chair. Oh and I was wrong in my last post
when I said the other chair had a duck pattern. It has a crane pattern.

Thanks for all your comments on the last post. I'm really enjoying my new place. Mom, I want to buy a piece of furniture to put my mess of shoes in and my keys on. Thanks Scott, my Chinese refrigerator is a great 70s avocado green and it's one of my favorite pieces which came with this place.

Kristy is coming on Monday!! Kristy, have fun on the trip! I'll see you soon!!


Anonymous said...


Your 'hood seems pretty laid back and quiet. I guess you don't get much traffic there.. people or car traffic. Were you affected at all by the pissed off crowds in the train stations last week?


Anonymous said...

yay so soon so soon i'll be there! will you let me be a dead fly on your floor too??

Anonymous said...

SilviaElena, what's the objective of the "dead fly" activity? So maybe my class can do it too.Send us more pictures of your apartment and street around it.
Love you,

Arielísimo said...

the dead fly thing is the funniest, weirdest thing those kids learn in that english camp. i'm doing it in my class too. an overly excited chinese woman comes to class and tells the kids a story about a lazy fly who dies in the rain, a la hemingway. i don't really get chinese morals in story telling...