Friday, February 1, 2008

mmuah bbong

So, I've been teaching at a 7day English camp which is called 洋爸洋妈 (yang2ba4yang2ma1) which means 'foreign father, foreign mother'. Fred (洋爸), who's in the video and I(洋妈) are teaching these kids from 8am-6pm. We teach English, play games and improve our Chinese.

In this video, Yelly, who I am sure misspelled 'Kelly' when writing her name tag, is playing against Jenny in a game of Mmuah Bbong. In the very beginning of the video, Jenny adorably forgets what a 'letter' is, but remembers in an equally adorable way when another student screams out, "A! B! C!"



Anonymous said...

Very cute. you and Fred had a fun game going there. At that age they love to play games.Have fun with Kristy.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

hi Sil.

cute video... miss you!