Sunday, May 10, 2009


I've reached Hong Kong (香港). It is a strange place where the buildings are enormous, people would prefer to speak to you in English, the food is delicious and Indian people speak fluent Cantonese.
I came here via Shenzhen (深圳), which was incredibly convenient. I took a train from Guangzhou (广州) to Shenzhen and then followed the signs pointing towards Hong Kong. I had to fill out a questionnaire when I reached Customs about the Swine Flu, and there was a looped recording advising the public to seek a doctor if they are feeling flu-like symptoms. It was all a bit intimidating.
I found a cheap hotel which is run by a very sweet old man. I will stay here tonight, pick up my visa tomorrow (it's already processing) and be on my way back to Guangzhou tomorrow.

Friday, May 8, 2009

广州 Guangzhou

Martyr's Park (烈士陵园)


sexy santa chicken

Gar (a band from Beijing)

Kelvin and Demon

Erin and Jero

an old song from Henan, China  河南的一个老歌

Sunday, May 3, 2009



2 days after the H&M grand opening...

Ross and I biked all day long

and we took pictures near Tian'anmen

We went to a tiny village on the outskirt of Beijing. Ross posted about it.

Emily and Ralph just woke up.

and Emily's neighbor drew eye charts and wrote an essay about her uncle on the wall with chalk.