Monday, January 7, 2008

顾有财 my cat friend

I have adopted a cat. A friend of a friend moved and for some reason or another had to give up this kitty for an unsaid amount of time. He has a Chinese name 顾有财 (gu4you3cai2). 顾 is a last name and 有财 means 'has wealth' . It's supposedly hilarious. HA!

He needs an English name.
Here are some of the good ones:
-Percy Persington

Please, help me name my cat friend!

I think I love him.


Anonymous said...

I like White-y. He or is it she? is cute. That's my vote.

Arielísimo said...

lo quiero :) my cat kinda sucks sometimes... i haven't even written about him on my blog yet! freakin' big face. anyway, your cat is a whole lot more fun than mine. let's make videos for the next post :)

Anonymous said...


ei laf ju,

Anonymous said...

yea yea yea, he's cute, but i think i'm going to die when i visit you!!!

cousin ed said...

it's gotta be some chinese name. winter in beijing... white... a name with snow imagery. use your kids to help you.

ross said...

Not that this is relavant anymore, but how about xiao yu? (as is "little snow")