Tuesday, January 22, 2008

my new place

I moved into a 平房(ping2fang2), which is a freestanding house within a 胡同(hu2tong4), an old Beijing neighborhood.
It's a few blocks south of 积水潭地铁站(Jishuitan subway stop). The structure where I live was recently renovated and sits within the structure of a very old building which they thankfully have not destroyed.
In a hutong (胡同) neighborhood most of the streets are too narrow for cars to fit, so it becomes this open market sort of neighborhood where they sell everything you need just a few steps away. I'm going to the main market today to buy a measuring tape, cute seat cushions and some produce which are all there.
My place, like you can see in my drawing is a studio. I'm having trouble deciding where things should go so I'm working on Paint to help me figure it out and in the process, missing Adobe Illustrator immensely!
Let me know what you think of my place.
I'll post real pictures soon.


Anonymous said...

SilviaElena, can you put a small table in the mud room to put your keys and such when you come in? I think your studio is adorable. It's big enough(and then some) for Cat and you and guests.Also, like you suggested before, get a small rug for next to the bed.

Anonymous said...

Yayyy i get to see it soon...i'll tell you what i think in person! Oh and umm...whose Cat? Do you have a roomate I don't know about?

Arielísimo said...

i can tell you firsthand, it's cute and comfy. really high ceiling and set in a romantic old chinese neighborhood still near all the modernity beijing has to offer.

Anonymous said...

remind me to tell you about the awesome remote control miguel got me.

oh and p.s. awesome apartment!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new digs Silvia- the apt. looks great, the neighborhood sounds really interesting and you seem to have an actual 70's Avocado Green fridge. What a super find!
- Scott (Ross & Chads Dad)

cousin ed said...

i bet ralph just wishes he closed on digs like yours. oh memories of showering while sitting on the toilet... :)

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!! and how did you do the drawing that is pretty cool. Also do you have pictures of the duck and cock print chairs? I would love to see them.

ana banana