Friday, February 20, 2009

A singing man 地铁车上的歌手

What I heard on the subway today.

你知道这首歌的话,请告诉我 谢谢

a day out


a UFO chandelier

part of a pig face and other unrecognizable parts

A series of strange photographs were shown on this wall of monitors in a shop that sells monitors.

a melting snowman (it snowed recently for the first time this winter) in front of a bookstore holding a very cute sign, which says:

du hao shu, hao du shu, du shu hao
read good book, good read book, read book good
read a good book, it's good to read a book, read the book well
*I think I might be translating it too literal. All three sentence might very well mean "study well".

It's a cute play on words. I've seen the same sort of play on words used in a Mcdonald's advertisement for a new spicy chicken sandwich in McDonalds and it said:
bu pa la, la bu pa, pa bu la
no scared spicy, spicy no scared, scared no spicy
I am not scared of spicy food. Spicy food is not scary. I am scared that the food is not spicy.

Guy and Ross at a place named Chinese Burger's home (华堡家) where the food is questionable, but cheap and deliciously greasy.

Monday, February 9, 2009

元宵节快乐!Happy Lantern Festival!

Today was the 15th day of the lunar calendar, which is the first full moon of the lunar year. It also marks the last day you can legally buy or set of fireworks in China. Needless to say, there were many fireworks set off tonight.
Traditionally, to celebrate the first full moon, people would walk on the street holding lanterns, but today I didn't see anyone holding a lantern, except one child holding a Pokemon shaped inflatable lantern. A taxi cab driver told me it's a tradition that has pretty much died. It seems to be something that everyone has forgotten about it.
A tradition that they haven't forgotten is eating 汤圆 (tang1yuan2), or glutinous rice balls with red bean paste filling. They're great. But don't eat too many or you'll get a stomach ache, as two cab drivers told me. I found it strange that two seperate cab drivers reminded me not to eat too many. One of the cab drivers described tangyuan as, "difficult to continue eating, once you've had too many." Isn't this the case with every food? Why did two cabbies tell me the same thing? Oh, questions that have no particular answer!

Well, It's 12:30am right now and everything has settled down. For the first time in half a month, it is completely silent in Beijing.

Andy and I

Ariel and Andy buying fireworks

One of the fireworks we bought

an audience

my bedroom view