Thursday, January 31, 2008


This is from a Beijing Olympic game show that I happened to catch where many people
in animal costumes were racing running on spinning platforms collecting cheese and running from real bulls.

This is a piece of my neighborhood.

my place has small windows but lots of light and high ceilings!

I'm teaching at a 7day English camp for the winter break.
These are the kids pretending to be dead flies. Soon, I will
put an extremely cute movie on you tube.

Ana, this is the print from my cock chair. Oh and I was wrong in my last post
when I said the other chair had a duck pattern. It has a crane pattern.

Thanks for all your comments on the last post. I'm really enjoying my new place. Mom, I want to buy a piece of furniture to put my mess of shoes in and my keys on. Thanks Scott, my Chinese refrigerator is a great 70s avocado green and it's one of my favorite pieces which came with this place.

Kristy is coming on Monday!! Kristy, have fun on the trip! I'll see you soon!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

my new place

I moved into a 平房(ping2fang2), which is a freestanding house within a 胡同(hu2tong4), an old Beijing neighborhood.
It's a few blocks south of 积水潭地铁站(Jishuitan subway stop). The structure where I live was recently renovated and sits within the structure of a very old building which they thankfully have not destroyed.
In a hutong (胡同) neighborhood most of the streets are too narrow for cars to fit, so it becomes this open market sort of neighborhood where they sell everything you need just a few steps away. I'm going to the main market today to buy a measuring tape, cute seat cushions and some produce which are all there.
My place, like you can see in my drawing is a studio. I'm having trouble deciding where things should go so I'm working on Paint to help me figure it out and in the process, missing Adobe Illustrator immensely!
Let me know what you think of my place.
I'll post real pictures soon.

saved by the bell and home movies

an episode that I remember occasionally and laugh.


an entire episode of saved by the bell dubbed by two black guys. very strange.


home movies

a link to the whole episode


Monday, January 7, 2008

顾有财 my cat friend

I have adopted a cat. A friend of a friend moved and for some reason or another had to give up this kitty for an unsaid amount of time. He has a Chinese name 顾有财 (gu4you3cai2). 顾 is a last name and 有财 means 'has wealth' . It's supposedly hilarious. HA!

He needs an English name.
Here are some of the good ones:
-Percy Persington

Please, help me name my cat friend!

I think I love him.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

grading ESOL tests proves to be a good time

new year's morning i made hash browns for the boys


a miami beach

mmmpan con lechon


pretty football shape

motorcycle Santi Claus and snowman

From the 19th to the 29th of December, I was in Miami. I went to two weddings: one on the beach and one in my folk's backyard. It was a dreamy 10 days full of family and food. Noche Buena was full of the new generation's tiny adults, one of which asked me if I thought I was still a little girl. To answer her question, I am very much 'still a little girl' and (fortunately and unfortunetly)will always be.
I miss my family, but am glad to be back home(?).