Friday, February 15, 2008

the last few days 几天以前

These are some pictures from last week...

a fish we ate soon after taking this picture.. delicious

My landlords daughter and her cousin took us to this street fair near the temple of heaven the first day of the new year.

at these fairs I am always extremely impressed with these
pinwheel bouquets


An impressive new year's light display in Shanghai's Yuyuan

more here at my flickr

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

shanghai 上海

I have finally left the city of Beijing! Kristy, Ariel and I came back from Shanghai yesterday. We got there by plane and came back on the most comfortable Z train.
I learned how to say thank you in Shanghainese. It is sia-ya-nong! or 下牙农!呵呵:)

here are some pictures...

huge rat lanterns in a place called Yuyuan near old Shanghai street (上海老街)

one of many small drawings of insects at the shanghai art museum 上海美术馆

us 3

The Chinese use the peace sign when taking pictures, but they mean it as a 'V' for victory!

more soon../.

Friday, February 1, 2008

mmuah bbong

So, I've been teaching at a 7day English camp which is called 洋爸洋妈 (yang2ba4yang2ma1) which means 'foreign father, foreign mother'. Fred (洋爸), who's in the video and I(洋妈) are teaching these kids from 8am-6pm. We teach English, play games and improve our Chinese.

In this video, Yelly, who I am sure misspelled 'Kelly' when writing her name tag, is playing against Jenny in a game of Mmuah Bbong. In the very beginning of the video, Jenny adorably forgets what a 'letter' is, but remembers in an equally adorable way when another student screams out, "A! B! C!"