Monday, November 26, 2007

sanksgiving en la china

Last Saturday we celebrated Thanksgiving. I went to Ross and Ariel's a bit early and helped clean up and prepare for the festivities.

Ross made stuffing and sweet potato. I made mash potatoes and gravy. Ana brought some veggies. And Tracy's husband made some kick ass Arroz con Tofu! We bought a chicken and a duck which I was hoping would somehow morph into a turkey, but no luck. The party was a success. We played Corey Ruffins and came up with some amazing drawings of dead children and elicit superhero porn.

Hopefully, there will be another party soon.

Be on the look out for the new Corey Ruffins blog.

Here are some pictures, mostly of the aftermath...

all of us eating and chatting at Ross and Ariel's

Aftermath leftovers. I was so nervous I hardly ate, so when everyone left Ross Ariel and I pigged out on leftover slop and it was de-lee-she-oush!

tired but still hungry

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Arielísimo said...

thanksgiving was fun! i'm sure though it's just the first in a long line of party's we'll have here. today we only have mashed potato and mixed salad left overs, yay! lots of corey ruffins but no dancing!?!?!? we somehow managed to get 4 latinos in one room in beijing with la lupe and los mirlos playing and no dancing. strange...