Wednesday, November 7, 2007

ross photographing; us dancing


about us said...

i'm absolutely jealous!
...don't stop bragging though...i love those happy fotos of y'all enjoying yourselves w/o me...

~you too get one of these...
(only because i'm not in any of your fotos! :) j/k....kind of...

smiley/sad/any keyboard faces are so stupid...sorry.

Kristinaaaaaa said...

ooooh i wanna dance with somebody
i wanna feel the heat with somebody
yeaaa i wanna dance with somebody
with somebody who loves me!

will you be that somebody? either one of you...let me know.

Silvia Elena said...

I am lucky. They're my art boyfriends since there seems to be a lack of those kinds of boys here. Maybe i'm not looking in the right places? Anyway, when you girls come to China, we will dance!

:) <--- I used to hate those. Now, I sort of live by them. :P (oh my)