Thursday, November 8, 2007

a fogged-up window painting inside a hotpot place that was so-so

the waitress drew it and laughed at me when I photographed it


ross said...

Everyone who doesn't know how to draw draws better than us. This is a common conclusion, I assume. Again, WHERE ARE WE GOING SUNDAY? Tomorrow is the deadline for decision making.

about us said...

i love that you phorographed that! it's awesome, i want to have things like that everywhere i look...thank you. your blog is wonderful, the box cart ride is awesome and i love your description of it all!
you all report so differently, it feels very complete...
be careful on those box carts, wouldn't want you to bust your ass on the way home from work! if you're gonna hurt yourself, do it while walking home from a bar or something like that...!