Monday, June 15, 2009

san francisco

A lot has happened since I last posted. Blogger is blocked in China and so it became more difficult for me to post.

I moved to San Francisco last Wednesday. Here the sky is blue, the air is incredibly fresh, people dress great, everyone is pretty, the food is delicious and mexican food is cheap!

I'll be sure to take more photos in the near future. It's just, I've been too excitedly dazed to remember what a camera is.

cloudy day in beijing

siberian sunrise



my brother!!

a tiny cone of delicious ice cream

a bookstore i passed had a summer sale: free books! you were allowed to take 2 books on the rack. I picked one and it was extremely uninteresting, but the drawings were nice. and it felt nice cause it was free...


A孟L昭E毅X said...

Hey, blogger is still blocked in China. But I can still see you blog at work.

Your new city looks awesome!

Silvia Elena said...

it is! I hope you're planning to visit me:)

And a-li-ke-si, have fun on you're trip ba!

A孟L昭E毅X said...

Thanks Siya! I will!

I will definitely plan my US trip next year, I will see you in your awesome city!

Matt said...

I'm so glad you're doing so well! Your comments on the air, the food and the people made me laugh- they were my thoughts exactly upon arrival. :) x

Matt said...

Oops, signed in as a dif friend. <3 Patricia