Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Avril's Screechy Voice Transcends Linguistic Divides

Avril Lavigne recorded the refrain of her hit in eight languages: English, Japanese, Portugese, German, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, Spanish and French!

See a compilation of Avril's 8 versions (turn on your unblockers, china friends). It's worth it.

我知道你喜欢我! 不是一个秘密![加老外口音]
No es un secreto! Yo quiero ser tu novia! [apply gringo accent]


Arielísimo said...

man silvia! that was awful in any language. thanx for sharing and making truly multilingual people everywhere look better :)

Silvia Elena said...

it's so awful. It's like her fat uncle produced it or something. I don't get it? Why release such horrible-ness? and in 8 languages? -if you could even understand that overproduced, patchy horror.

I don't know Portuguese, but it sounded like the most horrible version to me.

Chinese was pretty funny. bu shi yi ge mimi!