Friday, February 20, 2009

a day out


a UFO chandelier

part of a pig face and other unrecognizable parts

A series of strange photographs were shown on this wall of monitors in a shop that sells monitors.

a melting snowman (it snowed recently for the first time this winter) in front of a bookstore holding a very cute sign, which says:

du hao shu, hao du shu, du shu hao
read good book, good read book, read book good
read a good book, it's good to read a book, read the book well
*I think I might be translating it too literal. All three sentence might very well mean "study well".

It's a cute play on words. I've seen the same sort of play on words used in a Mcdonald's advertisement for a new spicy chicken sandwich in McDonalds and it said:
bu pa la, la bu pa, pa bu la
no scared spicy, spicy no scared, scared no spicy
I am not scared of spicy food. Spicy food is not scary. I am scared that the food is not spicy.

Guy and Ross at a place named Chinese Burger's home (华堡家) where the food is questionable, but cheap and deliciously greasy.

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Linnea Dayton said...

I really enjoyed this post. I'm working on an artist's book (I use the term loosely) called Things Change, and I was Googling for melting snowmen photos and found yours. May I use your photo and the text about the meaning of the sign in my book? If so, will you please tell me how to credit it? - to your blog (url), your name?

Sorry if I've violated any blog-commenting codes. I don't follow blogs or comment in general. I couldn't see any other way to reach you with my request.