Wednesday, December 31, 2008

my new little monster!

The little monster, Adriana, skyped me today.
I love you, Adriana.

This little person changed the dynamics of my family. My parents have been bumped to grandparents, my brother and his wife are now parents, and my other brother, his wife and I are now aunts and uncles. How amazing.


Anonymous said...

She indeed has changed our lives. But only for the better. We feel very proud to be grandparents, just like we feel proud of you and Vince and Carin. All of you are doing remarkable well in your individual lives. And now we have a little girl that we, and specially you has to teach how to live life, and be happy with your decisions. I love you very much and we'll keep you informed about the development of the "your new little monster".

Anonymous said...

How cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give Ralph a huge congrats on my behalf! And congrats to you too, Tia! I miss you and hope all is well. Love you tons.

Anonymous said...

When will you write again in your blog? When your little monster is 3 years old? Tell us what you are up to.

Kristy said...

aaghhh! ralphy already had his baby! how cuuuute! awwww congrats to ralph and ana and all the llopis'! i'm so jealous your a tia! tia silvia! abuelita maida! ayayay