Tuesday, October 16, 2007

身体的部分 parts of the body

I'm not in class anymore, so I made a book to help me study on the subway or bus...


arms and legs

back, mouth, nose and eyes

what should be the next book?


ross said...

This is very good. Make art about learning Chinese. Yes.

The next book should be vegetables and fruits, then animals.

Chris said...

appliances. gadgets. robots.

about us said...

these drawings are dear...wow, i'm completely lost with the chinese language; haven't even tried to find my way though!

your booklet is so great.

it's all so foreign AND great!

what's up with work and stuff? how's your place?

send some lovin'!

Silvia Elena said...

ooh appliances? i'm making that one right now.

thanks for the support, people.

why are people still on myspace? This makes more sense.

Mami said...

Silvia Elena, your next book should be of simple words one must use to survive. Words like street,bus,restaurant,police,and help.Animals and food was a good idea by Ross.
Love you and miss you,

Silvia Elena said...

thank you mami! that is cute... i'll make an emergency one. I'll give it to ariel! Ross, i'm giving you a very cool one. Maybe you'll know some of the words but i'll ask 明 for help and try to make it real specific.

Anonymous said...

mm. interesting thoughts )