Sunday, October 14, 2007

Let's Eat 奶粉

These two have a place called Let's Eat or the Chinese name, 奶粉, which means powdered milk. They sell coffee, cookies, cake, mousse some kind of fruit liquor that is still not ready to drink and yes, people, FLAN. The baker on the left hand side told me that she studied in 广州(Guangzhou). Ross and Ariel told me about this little place. They stumbled upon it one day and decided to take me there yesterday. They had the chocolate mousse and I had the flan which I must say, competes with my Tia Tita's flan.

Here's their website. It's in Chinese but you can look at the delicious pictures.

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Arielisimo said...

glad you like our little place as much as we do :) everything we've tried there is delicious so it's safe to say we'll all be back, it's probably the only really great bakery in all beijing. spread the word four blades of grass