Thursday, May 24, 2007


Usually near the subway stops there are street vendors selling animals... kitties, puppies, turtles, snakes and the occasion piglet. Every Chinese person I have met has told me not to buy one of these animals because the majority of the time they're very sick. I've heard countless stories of people buying animals from the street and within weeks the little creatures die.
Last weekend, Ross, Masa and I were walking after lunch and saw a crate full of kittens. We had talked about maybe aquiring one of these little beasts. It's nice to have an animal walking around the house. So, that's how we got 澄汁(chengzhi).

Sad, to say that Chengzhi didn't make it a week. He got really sick a few days ago. We took him to ... a woman by our house who owns a petshop... she's not a doctor, but she's had a lot of animals. After a 5 minute language barriered conversation about the word 'dissolve', we bought some medicine and began treating this 小东西。 He just got weaker and weaker. Yesterday, Ross and I came home to a meloncholy roommate and a dead kitty. Saul saw this little thing die. We took 澄汁to a little piece of land that borders 东王庄and buried him. It was strange to have a little friend like that for such a short period.

小澄汁猫。。。 poor tiny thing.

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about us said...

oh god. i can't handle this passing of the kitty. it's too much. your little friend is in a better place, i suppose...not really. i feel like throwing up a little. i have a bruise on my leg from a dolly/tripod falling on it, and it looks the way my tummy feels; black and blue and somewhat swollen...gross. i'm very sorry about your loss....i guess there is always room for a bit of misery. i guess it's not that bad...take care y besitos.