Friday, July 17, 2009

do da stanky leg

I recently found a job at a summer camp. I'm working as a teaching assistant in a 4-week language summer camp where the children are taught in Mandarin and encouraged to communicate using Mandarin, which means I must speak Chinese for 8 hours each day. I'm happy.

During dismissal yesterday I saw two of my students dancing while singing, "do da' stanky leg" and came home to find this on youtube. Am I really late on this stanky leg thang?


Anonymous said...

Now, the question is - can you do this yourself?

scott said...

Hi Silvia,

Da Stanky legs looks a lot better than it sounds.

In some ways the same could be said about China.

I had a great trip. I was so proud to see Ross in action. He posted pictures on his blog; I have more if you'd like me to send you a bloggy-looking email... (just tell me how to do it, we are both on google but I don't have your email address)

We heard a really screechy singer when we went to dinner at the North Korean embassy. What do you think?
It must have been Avril Lavigne.

I was sorry you'd left Beijing before my visit. The last time I saw you was years ago at Chad and Co's house. It was the visit when I met my Grandson,
and you and Ross were excited/scared/determined about going to China.

Ross achieved so much these past few years, and I've doubt you've been transformed as well.
My hat is off to you.
You DID it!

There were many occasions when you were fondly mentioned during my time in China. You've been missed.

This is how it was for me to move back to the States after living abroad:

An exciting/surreal/high energy entry followed by mild depression and ending with a more grounded sense of having truly arrived.

Since returning from China I've been able to identify paticularly Chinese ways of dressing on women I see around know, lacy details, cropped pant layering, boxy fit, and weird shoe/sock combos.

I've also been able to say hello to these women in Mandarin, but have refrained from doing so.
I would't want to alarm anyone.



Silvia Elena said...

hey scott!

my e-mail address is la_pollita(at)

I don't have a google account:(

Anyhow, I'm glad you were able to go to China and see how amazing Ross sounds when he's speaking Chinese!

I'd like to write you a proper e-mail, so send me a hello e-mail and i'll write you a nice long one back.

I'm going to NYC to visit my brother next week. If you're free, maybe we can grab a coffee or something?

Let me know!