Saturday, September 27, 2008

北京到了 I've arrived in Beijing

I've missed Beijing very much and am glad to be immersed once again in this country. Of course, I was in America for so very long that I had forgotten the frustrations of living here. For example, the great firewall of China. I had forgotten about this. When I was in America, I was really getting into building a community on youtube and now China has permitted me from being a part of that community. How crappy and selfish. Arggh. I feel like I am 14 all over again. I, like, totally hate my parents.
On the other hand, people speak Chinese here! How incredibly exciting! I came back and Chinese just started sort of spilling out of my mouth again. Also, I think the distance from China for three months has actually improved my listening skills. Since I have been away from the country for such a long while, I have a new and fresh patience with the listening aspect of communicating. I don't think I can say the same about my speaking skills, which definitely haven't improved while I was out of the country.
Now, the search for an apartment is happening. Wish us luck. It looks like I'm going to live with Ross and Ariel. We're looking for a 3 bedroom. We'll take up two of the bedrooms and have the third for a studio. How exciting!


Anonymous said...

Did you mean that you hate your parents now or when you were 14? I can take when you were 14, that is a normal statement of a 14 year old. But now, I would die.

Silvia Elena said...

no, mami. I loved you when I was 14 and I love you now.

Jorge said...

I think she meant that the totalitarian state of China makes her feel sheltered, like a child

We miss you Silvia!