Thursday, April 17, 2008

八大处 Badachu park

Last weekend we went to Badachu park.
It wasn't as beautiful as other places we have been, but it was extremely worth it because of the slide ride that it had.
After climbing up the huge hill we were rewarded by being able to slide down this immensely long twirling garbage chute of sorts on a little one-person car contraption. I will get to posting some pictures that Ariel took soon. There was no way I could take any pictures, I was concentrated on going as fast as I could without dying. It was the best 40元 I have ever spent!

Some pictures...

Red lanterns which people have scribbled wishes on with markers.

猪八戒!the pig of the eight prohibitions

孙悟空! The Monkey King!

a silly picture next to a painting of a tree branch

Ross posted about this too!


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ross said...
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Anonymous said...

Aww you finally got to meet the monkey king! I'm so happy for you!